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18 Ways You Know Someone Is From Florida

Old People, Oranges and Gators. We have it all.

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1. They will wear flipflops every single day, to every event and on any occasion

wedding? sure, work? of course! funeral? why not

2. They know all the seasons as hot and sweaty season, snow bird season, love bug season, hurricane season and still hot and sweaty season

Yes we have 5 seasons, Florida has no rules.

3. Any temperature below 75 causes them to hibernate for winter and wear everything they own

4. Tan Lines, tan lines everywhere

5. Every cup in their home will be a tervis

Lifetime guarantee and I can pick Florida patterns, okay!

Lifetime guarantee and I can pick Florida patterns, okay!

6. They probably own a boat and see it as no big deal

7. They've probably never seen snow

Is it like rain?

8. And as a result of that the only thing in their closet is bathing suits

What's a coat?

9. Anything below a category 4 hurricane doesn't bother them

'Suggested evacuations? yeh whatever its just some rain"

10. They will instead invite you to their hurricane party

Oh charlies going to hit in the next couple of hours? Wanna come over for drinks?

11. They're used to hearing about how the rest of the world views Florida and they're no longer phased by it

Okay we have some weird people here, we get it, but most people are normal!

12. They can't handle any form of hill, or anything that's high up in general

what is this??why isn't everything flat!

13. Alligators?snakes? egh whatever

14. They probably have annual passes to Disney or Universal, or both

15. They hate tourists, all of them, especially the tour groups

We're looking at you Brazil

16. They always talk about the magical Publix, the only grocery store you want to shop at

17. They will probably drive 80 in a 45

You've got to get around the old people drivers somehow

18. Wherever you take them, they will declare their beach at home is nicer

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