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    • Sjack46

      I once went up to Leonardo Dicaprio on a dare. It happened one summer in New Orleans…I was at a club in the French Quarter with my friends just dancing and hanging out.  One of my friends who ran the club came up to me and said, “Do you see that guy over there? That’s Leonardo Dicaprio.” Being my usual skeptical self, I said, “Um…no way. THAT is not Leo. THAT is just some random club guy.”  So my friend goes…”Alright, well I dare you to go up to him.” I shrug and say, “Cool.”
      So I march straight up to this guy, put one arm over his shoulder and say, “Look, my friend just told me that you are Leo Dicaprio…clearly that is not the case. So I’m just coming up to you to complete this dare. How’s your night going?”  At that moment, the guy grabs me by the waist, pulls me in face level and says, “I AM Leonardo Dicaprio.” I literally looked him in those darling blue eyes (that was when it registered to me who he actually was) and screamed in his face hysterically…like a five year old girl. Then Leo, with his hand still on the small of the my back, says, “So…is there anything else you wanted to know?”  Then all my friends just ran off and left me (literally!) in Leo’s clutches. Definitely a humiliating moment. ????

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