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    7 Reasons Why You Should Never Read BuzzFeed

    As my friend Ben Jacobs once said, BuzzFeed is "flaming garbage." If you want to be taken seriously, here are the 7 reasons why you should look elsewhere.

    7. I generally like the quizzes. But I just found out that if I were a dog, I'd be a Pit Bull and that is the farthest thing from true.

    6. Everything, and I mean every single thing, posted on this sight is clickbait. So don't lie to your readers, BuzzFeed. You have not come a long way.

    5. Anyone can author posts as a Community User, including my next door neighbor's yellow lab, Austin, who eats whole avocados.

    4. But then again, someone named Jemima is getting paid to write quizzes in which they claim to be able to accurately guess my middle name. Newsflash: you can't.

    3. They have a whole section titled 'News.' That's when you know it's not really news #FAKE

    2. BuzzFeed has a reputation for publishing stories, and then having to retract or amend them. Or sometimes, they'll just ghost-edit an entire piece without acknowledging anything.

    1. In short, they don't write about important stuff. Exhibit A...

    There's no reason to act like I don't know because I really don't (and never want to learn)

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