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3 Astonishingly Helpful Social Media Apps You Should Know

Social media has revolutionize the world already and everybody knows the power of social media apps. There are some stunning and astonishing apps that you should know. Installing those apps to your smartphone can entertain you even more. Let's have a look.

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The Incredible Snapchat

I do not think so that there is someone in the world who do know not what snapchat is. Snapchat has become the sensation of the new world and more than 100 Million users has used it already. Isn't it amazing? What makes snapchat so popular is the idea of it. Once you make a video and share it, it will be deleted after the impression. It makes it more light and private app than any other.

One of the Best "Periscope"

Periscope is one of the best app for video broadcasting. Many of you may not know about this application because it was purchased by twitter even before the launching of the app along with its small team. Now twitter holds rights for this app. It is obviously one kind of application who can change the social media experience for you. So try it right now and you will see.

The Best Idea Containing and Upcoming App "ScreamXO"

Launching on 26th December 2016, ScreamXO is going to be one of the most downloaded social media applications in the world. There is no doubt about that. The idea is simple yet effective. You can control every kind of social experience with one platform. From streaming to sharing, shopping to selling, etc. Everything will be included in this application in one place so that you can easily manage your social activity.

Some of the Best Features of SCREAMXO

- Control your sharing and streaming and can control who can see those activities.

- Control how long any media or chat message will be posted

- Business or pleasure, Communicate with your friends the way you want, using SCREAMXO’s patented easy social messenger.

- SCREAMXO’s Interactive interference allows you to shop the way you want.

- You may use PayPal, Bitcoin or Western Union to sell or buy products.

- Social Stream, tweet your heart out. Experience unlimited microblogging with SCREAMXO there aren’t any character limits for text posts.

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