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Tips On How To Grow An Indoor Garden

Don't have yard space for an garden? No problem, as long as you have windows you can plant an indoor garden. That's right, you can have your very own garden right in your house.

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The process of building a garden indoors is very similar to an outside garden. The only difference is that you are going to plant your indoor garden in large pots. Almost any vegetable can be grown in pots. The important thing to remember is that your choice of plants determines the sizes of your planting pots. The larger the plant will be when it is mature; the larger the pot you will need to have.

Be sure you purchase pots that are designated for plants. Containers that are not designated for plants do not provide the right kind of drainage.

Just like an outdoor garden you have to select the proper soil and fertilizer to plant your vegetables in. You can purchase organic potting soil and fertilizer at most garden centers. Remember that organic fertilizer is used to nourish the soil and feed your plants. You can even fertilize your own pots inside with your own compost. You cannot use garden soil for your indoor garden. Garden soil contains weed seeds and bugs and can be unreliable in an indoor setting.

If you are purchasing plants be sure that the plants are healthy and out of the way of conventional plants. Organic plants that have touched conventional plants are no longer considered organic. Because they have touched a plant that has pesticide they are now compromised and have the potential of contracting the pesticide from the conventional plant. If you are purchasing organic seeds be sure you get them before their expiration and be aware of their frost date.

Give your plants time to accumulate to their new surroundings by placing them in front of a sunny window for a day or two. This will help them get used to the new temperature and prevent transplant shock. Plant your vegetables near a south facing window and follow water specifications for each vegetable. Most need watered when the soil feels dry to the touch.

If you are planting beans purchase a hanging pot and hang them near a window that gets morning or evening light. Hanging pots are best for beans because their vines can drape over the sides of the hanger and down to the ground.

Learn more about building an indoor garden for your home as well as organic gardening for your health and well being.

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