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    • siskoash1

      From an Australian guy
      1. We have drunk mates crashing on the floor or lounge they say nothing and they clean up their own spew.
      2. peace an quiet and at work I’m getting paid
      3. If your bladders brimming after a night on the piss then absolutely
      4. Myself, I stopped doing age 5 but some take a bit longer to give up the habit.
      5. Not all of them
      6. We don’t. Just because some tools do doesn’t mean we all do.
      7. Ask the aforementioned tools
      8. No but If I was it might be a nice confidence booster
      9. Absolutely not!!!!
      10. Nope.
      11. If had cable I might. However I know plenty of guys that if it doesn’t involve alcohol, fishing or 4wd they aren’t interested
      12. see 9.
      13. No. Any checkout chick would just assume I’m buying them for wife or GF.
      14. No blokes I know would say that ever……….Sober.
      15. Not since I was a teenager. Mornings are a different matter.
      16. I’m not and am pretty sure most aussie blokes don’t care , unless he’s hung like a horse in which case we are impressed and he has a nick name that suits his endowment.
      17. No blokes in Australia do that! Ever! If they did they would probably be punched in the face.
      18. Nothing specific just can’t be arsed.
      19. Not that I’m aware of and I’ve lugged my testicles around for 45 years.
      20. Um no. But scrotum pinch is a real issue.
      21. Depends on how hot it is.
      22. Apparently not. However it’s not happened to me.
      23. Imagine a part of your body swelling and going stiff, for an undetermined period of time, when you see or think something arousing. Or it’s morning.

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