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5 Famous Turkish People Who Got Into Trouble For Opposing President Erdogan And Ruling Party On Social Media

Turkey is one of the more socially engaged nations in the world, there are millions of Turkish people who use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis for many reasons such as, entertainment, sports, etc. However, social media has also become an important medium as a tool for political participation for Turkish people since Turkey's President and his political party (AK Party) started to control traditional media channels, and have been trying to silence critical press and anyone who tries to oppose them. Today many regular citizens, politicians, athletes, artists, celebrities express their ideas, opinions to fight against Erdogan's authoritarian regime through social media. However, according to Turkey's Interior Ministry 1,656 people have been arrested for insulting officials on social media platforms since July.

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2. Sila Gencoglu


According to his "excellency" Recep Tayyip Erdogan "The press is so free in Turkey that one can make insults, slanders, defamation, racism and commit hate crimes that are not tolerated even in democratic countries.”. Yet, Turkish authorities has cancelled four concerts by famous Turkish singer Sila Gencoglu after she tweeted, she would not attend the democracy rally in Istanbul in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt. Of course Sila should have known better, obviously Erdogan only meant the press he controls and the people who support him.

3. Fazil Say


World-famous Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say is also well known for his opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and AK Party. Say has been criticizing the ruling party since Erdogan's triumph in elections in 2002, and he has faced numerous law suits. However, after his last tweet about corruption in the ruling party, The Culture and Tourism Ministry removed Say’s works from the Presidential Symphonic Orchestra’s. Yeah... why not block one of the most talented and famous musician of our era for expressing his concerns for his country...

4. Levent Kirca


Before his death in 2015, Levent Kirca was one of the most famous comedians of Turkey for many years. Turkey's best-loved impersonator satirist Levent Kirca was also famous for his opposition against President Erdogan and his regime. He often impersonated Erdogan in his sketches and criticize his ruling, however President Erdogan punished Kirca by banning his program Turkish televisions. Subsequently, Kirca started to use social media channels to resist and criticize Erdogan's authoritarian regime, however, President Erdogan sued him three times for defamation and revoke his honorary title as an artists who served to his country. Way to go Mr. president, way to go... This time it looks like you have really raised the bar fighting against opposition, whats next? Jailing them? oh wait you have already done that...

5. Barbaros Şansal


Barbaros Şansal, a world famous designer and critic of Erdogan and and the ruling conservative party, got arrested after a mob of Erdogan supporters attacked and beaten him at Ataturk Airport because of his latest video tweet on new year's eve.He was arrested on charges of "inciting hatred among the public", however, he was only expressing his frustration against people who celebrate the new year "while there is so much filth, vileness and poverty in the country". Mr President, we really wish that you will see, it is not the people like Şansal who incite hatred among the public, but it is you and people like you who do everything to hold their position.

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