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Who Won On The British Version Of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The Definitive Points Guide of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' UK (1988-1998)

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The sequel (or should I say prequel?) you've all been expecting.

Last month we found out who was the 'real' winner on the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway. You know? The show where the points don't matter? Well, 12medbe counted them.

This month he is back with a video detailing the points on the original british version!

The Definitive Points Guide of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' UK (1988-1998)

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The video speaks for itself. It contains a detailed recount of all the points given by Clive Anderson in the radio show, the 10 years of the TV series, and the 2011 Comic Relief Special.

Let's take a look at the top 10.

On number 10, John Sessions with 7,005,235.8 points.

John Sessions was an important presence in the beginning of the show. A permanent performer in both the radio series and the first couple of seasons of the TV show. No wonder he made it to the top 10.

On number 9, Steve Frost with 11,014,949.75 points.

A frequent performer in the UK version though sadly he never made it over to the US series. He's still touring with an improv group all over the world.

On number 8, Karen Maruyama with 46,000,654 points.

Despite making only a handful of appearances in both versions of the show, Karen has managed to make it in both the UK and the US top 10. Proof that she should have been in the show a lot more.

On number 7, Colin Mochrie with 61,040,712.5 points.

The lovely Canadian who seems to have had a weak first episode soon became a staple of the show. Who can imagine Whose Line without Colin Mochrie any more?

On number 6, Ryan Stiles with 72,056,574.8 points.

Above his good friend Colin is Ryan. Because these two always go together. You can't have Ryan without Colin just as you can't have Whose Line without Ryan and Colin.

On number 5, Mike McShane with 86,025,449.3 points.

Despite being an American, Mike McShane has only ever appeared on the british version of the show. He rightfully made it to the top 10 cause there's not much he can't do.

On number 4, Jim Sweeney with 95,001,680.5 points.

Another frequent performer on the British version of the show, often appearing together with his comedic partner Steve Steen who didn't make it to the top 10.

On number 3, Josie Lawrence with 112,020,554.9 points.

Josie was on the pilot episode of the TV series, had frequent appearances in the entire run of the show and even made it to a few episodes on the American version. She deserves every point.

On number 2, Greg Proops with 162,025,470.65 points.

Greg's fashion sense has changed significantly since the 80s but his sense of humour remains always on point.

On number 1, Sandi Toksvig with 10,000,001,005,283.5 points.

And finally, the current host of QI is the winner of the UK version of Whose Line is It Anyway. This is Quite Interesting indeed!

For everyone who wanted to see the UK point results after seeing the US results, I hope your curiosity is now satisfied. If you catch yourself thinking 'yes, but what about the overall winning top 10?' then I can tell you that there already is an answer for that in the end of 12Medbe's video.

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