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    The Official Ranking Of Nicole Kidman's Coats In "The Undoing," From Best To Worst

    We have to talk about that long green one.

    5. Plaid Blazer Jacket

    Grace Fraser from "The Undoing" in a plaid blazer

    OK, let's start off easy. This one honestly isn't too bad! It's a little more "Celeste from Big Little Lies" than "Grace Fraser." I can vibe with this one, and I love a cozy fall look on Nicole.

    4. Burgundy Robe Thing

    Grace Fraser from "The Undoing" in a burgundy robe coat

    It kinda looks like a robe, but not gonna lie — it does look VERY comfy, especially from a quarantine perspective. She does look like she stole it out of Hugh Hefner's closet. Appropriate for Christmas morning? Yes. Appropriate for walking the streets of NYC? Not particularly.

    3. Floral Coat Dress Thing

    Grace Fraser from "The Undoing" in a floral coat
    Thestewartofny / GC Images

    It's all just very confusing. Is it a coat? Is it a dress? And I can't tell if the pattern is supposed to be flowers or some kind of edible fungi.

    2. Floral Cape Thingy

    Grace Fraser from "The Undoing" in a floral cape

    This cape with the brocade sofa fabric looks like something you'd find in the attic of a haunted house. If you've watched the show, you know that a dress that's somehow even worse is hidden underneath that cape.

    1. The Green Trench

    Grace Fraser from "The Undoing" in the long green trench

    Gotta save the worst for last. She's giving off major Oscar the Grouch-but-goth vibes. I do, however, admire that she wore this coat over multiple days to multiple locations, which makes Grace just ever so slightly more relatable.

    Honorable mention - Terracotta trench

    Grace Fraser from "The Undoing" in the long burgundy wool coat

    Something about the length irks me, but I can't quite put my finger on why. In the inevitable divorce, she should fight for custody of this coat and give up the aforementioned Green Disaster.