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What If Martin Luther King Hadn't Been Assassinated?

What would the likes of Martin Luther King, Anne Frank and Harvey Milk be doing if they were still alive today, the ADL ask.

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The Anti-Defamation League have released an advert to celebrate their centennial year and ask you to imagine a world without hatred (set fittingly to the backdrop of John Lennon's Imagine. Released just over a week ago, the video has particularly started to gain some momentum in the past day alone.

The video features notable personalities who have been murdered over the past 70 years, including Anne Frank, Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk, Daniel Pearl and James Byrd.

However, does this video urge you to fulfil the objective of this campaign, which is to sign a pledge to "create a world without hate"?

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ad. Comment below.

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