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Unfortunate Norfolk Churchgoers Are Literally Being Hit By Batshit

But the parishioners can't do anything about it.

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The rector of St. Andrew's Church told the BBC the bats have positioned themselves in the pitch of the church roof, and thee "pungent" faeces and urine "showers down on anybody inside". / Via St Andrew's Church, Holme Hale

"This does an awful lot of damage and in the breeding season it's also possible for pubescent bats to fall from the roof onto the floor," he said.

A statement from the church says the 260 bats have defecated all over the church, which could be potentially unsafe for the congregation, which includes young children. However laws for the protection of bats means they have been unable to do much.

Rev Stephen Thorp said: "We don't want to kill or harm the bats in anyway, but we do think it's fundamentally wrong that human beings and bats should be forced to share the same indoor dwelling space".