This New Portrait Of The Queen Looks Nothing Like Her

Royal Mail have released a series of six stamps to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation. The new portrait is said to have a “hint of Churchill about it.”

1. The Royal Mail is celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary of the Coronation with a series of six stamps.

2. They all seem OK, apart from this one, which doesn’t look anything like her.

3. It’s taken from this full-length portrait by Nicky Philips.

Royal Mail / PA

4. Unsurprisingly, it has received a fair bit of criticism.

@BuzzFeedUK It looks like John Sessions in drag.

— Michael Jones (@Enigmanaut)

Michael Jones


@BuzzFeedUK It looks like John Sessions in drag.

7. Here are the five other stamp portraits.

Royal Mail / PA

This one was painted by Sergei Pavlenko in 2000.

Royal Mail / PA

Andrew Festing painted this in 1999.

Royal Mail / PA

Artist Richard Stone painted this in 1992.

Royal Mail / PA

Pietro Annigoni was commissioned to paint this in 1954.

Royal Mail / PA

This portrait was painted by Terence Cuneo in 1953.

12. But it’s kind of hard to get this one out of your head, isn’t it?

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