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22 Things All Twentysomething British Asians Know To Be True

From Goodness Gracious Me to confusing census forms, Britain's been a pretty good place to live.

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1. Whenever you enter someone's house, your first reaction is to take off your shoes at the front entrance.

7. You have fond memories of watching the often inappropriate Goodness Gracious Me with the whole family.

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8. You were pretty disappointed when the show got cut but it didn't last long as The Kumars at No. 42 followed soon after.

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It was never the same though.

10. And you remember Khwahish because all of a sudden it became OK for Bollywood movies to show kissing scenes. But in reality, you miss the scenes where stars would run through fields and dance around trees.

18. ...and that's particularly annoying because when you come home, someone is watching an inane Indian soap opera that makes no sense.

22. Secondly, they've always given you support in everything you've done. Even when you decided to go into journalism.

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Your parents worked hard to get you a great education and taught you valuable life lessons such as that of humility, generosity and kindness. And you love them with all your heart.

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