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People Are Taking The Piss After John McDonnell Tweeted About "Socialism With An iPad"

"All tablets are equal but some tablets are more equal than others," one Twitter user commented.

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Shadow chancellor John McDonnell gave a speech on Friday about "Labour's new economics". But all anyone is talking about is the new slogan he tweeted just before.

We need a new economy. It's socialism, but socialism with an iPad #neweconomy

"It's Socialism but it's Socialism with an iPad."

Just to make clear that the party is really behind this bold new strategy, it was tweeted from Labour's Treasury account too.

The answer is socialism, but socialism with an iPad @johnmcdonnellMP #neweconomy

Some people on Twitter starting comparing the impressive new approach to another concrete idea brought in by the previous Labour leadership.


Others suggested that the new iPad socialism might encourage more gamers to join the party.

Some younger poliitcos suggested that they would've been on board with Corbyn's campaign earlier if they only knew about the free iPads.

If I'd have known that Socialism came with a free iPad I'd have signed up years ago

Although others aren't too keen on the approach.


Some had misgivings on exactly how the approach would work.

@robfordmancs All tablets are equal but some are more equal than others.

Others also had their own, better ideas for how to make politics more appealing.

It’s Liberalism with a Chromecast! Feudalism with an Oculus Rift! Anarcho-Syndicalism with a Fitbit!

While some have tried to imagine what Britain’s iPad socialism might actually look like.

This couple signed up for socialism, but with an iPad, and were billed £900 for socialist porn they didn't watch.

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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