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    So The Lib Dems Have A Glee Club Where They Sing A Rude Song About Tony Blair

    And pretty much just make fun of their own party.

    It's that time of the year again, when Liberal Democrats have a sing-along and take the piss out of themselves and other parties at their party conference.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    For those not inducted into the ways of the British political sphere, political parties have annual conferences in September and October where members get together (BuzzFeed News has been reporting on the conferences here).

    The Lib Dems conference is well known for one event: Glee Club.

    Forget Nick Clegg's speech. The real reason members stick around for the final day of the conference is for Glee Club on the last night.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    First things first: Members walk in and pay £4 for this special Liberator Song Book, which contains all the lyrics for the songs they are about to sing.

    Let's take a look inside the book. There's this on surveillance.

    This on Trident.

    This one that makes fun of Danny Alexander.

    And this, sung to the tune of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab".

    So, on to the singing at last night's Glee Club. Here's "Iraqi Cokey", written in 2003 but performed yesterday by Julian Huppert MP just weeks after Britain approved renewed air strikes in Iraq.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    And "Iraqi Cokey" can't be completed without the full dance moves.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    (P.S. Here's another Lib Dem MP. He was behind the piano all evening.)

    And here's Ian Swales, MP for Redcar, singing with a Lib Dem contingent from Yorkshire.

    The way the Lib Dem youth group raucously shouted out the chorus of this song suggested a Lib/Lab coalition might require strong negotiation.

    But hey, that's what politics is all about. Enjoy this six-second clip of "Tony Blair Can Fuck Off and Die", sung to the tune of "American Pie".

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    And these prospective parliamentarians singing about how the Lib Dems feel, er, hard done by, over the coalition agreement.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    But after last night, BuzzFeed News can reveal that the two best ways to get the Lib Dems fired up are: 1) Get them singing about land tax.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    And 2) Get the Hackney Heroine on stage.

    Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed News

    Pauline Pierce, aka the Hackney Heroine, gained fame for standing up to rioters in 2011. She later ran for the position of Lib Dem president but stepped down because of the party's "neanderthal views on diversity".

    But by the end of the evening it was this cardboard cut-out of Nick Clegg that was worst for wear. I suppose he was weak at the knees.