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This Is The One Thing From Labour's Manifesto That Almost No One Will Notice

The Labour party's ASCII game is on point.

When Labour released its manifesto yesterday, it did so knowing that most people will read the paper or PDF version available on its website.

But if you look under the hood at the HTML of the party's manifesto page, you can see that someone's spent a while creating an ASCII version of the party's logo, which is quite nice.

This isn't the first time the Labour party has used the weird language of the internet to deliver a party message.

Over the weekend it used a shruggie to mock Conservative minister Jeremy Hunt.

Big moment as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ enters the mainstream UK political lexicon.

And this isn't the first time a political party has delved into ASCII, either. Here's the really patriotic one on Barack Obama's website, filled with the letters, U, S, and A.

It appears to be a trademark move of Blue State Digital, a digital consultancy that proudly cites on its website that its clients include the Labour party, Obama for America, and Elizabeth Warren, who said she won't be running for president next year.

And here's the slightly less patriotic one on Hillary Clinton's website.