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Nicola Sturgeon Said There Isn't Anything Nigel Farage Wouldn't Blame On Immigration

He didn't say anything in response to her comment.

Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, just said: "One of the things we've learned is that there isn't anything that Nigel Farage wouldn't blame on foreigners."

And people absolutely love it.

"There is nothing Nigel Farage wouldn't blame on foreigners" - Sturgeon. Surely quote of the debate so far. #leadersdebate

Sturgeon only person to call out Farage directly: "What we've learnt is that there's nothing he won't blame on foreigners" #leadersdebate

And they think she's winning the debate between the two of them.

Farage's face after Sturgeon's comment at the end hahaha

So there's nothing Farage wouldn't blame on foreigners, says Sturgeon, he didn't exactly argue

Nicola sturgeon is practically wiping the floor with Farage.

Battle between Farage and Sturgeon is exhilarating. #leadersdebates

Watch the full clip here:

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