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Sky News Asks Nick Clegg's Wife About Sexism, Camera Pans Down Her Chest

Top lawyer Miriam González Durántez said in the interview that, when it comes to combining a high-profile job and family life, she just wants "what men have".

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Miriam González Durántez took part in an interview yesterday after speaking to schoolgirls about their career prospects. But look what happened when she was asked a question about sexism.

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The incident, which took place while she was talking to Sky News, was probably an unfortunate mistake rather than overt sexism.

The respected lawyer was discussing about her work encouraging schoolgirls as part of the Inspiring the Future charity. She was visiting a school in Glasgow as her husband, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, was speaking at the party's final conference before the general election.

"I do think it is important to celebrate female achievement and aiming high – that is part of the message that we want to give to the girls, that aiming high is good," she said. "It is as good for girls as it is for boys."

Durántez also said that she just wants "what men have", referring to the combination of a stressful career and family life.

"Lots of men have a successful professional life, or what looks like success to them, and they have put that together with a family," she said.

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