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This Is How You Should Respond To A Paris-Style Terror Attack

The British government has issued new guidance stating that individuals should run or hide, not play dead.

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Individuals who find themselves in the middle of a Paris-style gun attack should try to escape the scene rather than pretend they are dead, according to new official guidance.

The advice, published by the UK's National Counter Terrorism Security Office, has advised victims caught up in "fast moving incidents such as a firearms or weapons attack" to either run away or hide behind "substantial brickwork or reinforced walls".

The guidance comes in the wake of the series of terror attacks across Paris last Friday that left 129 dead and injured many more.

Many survivors of last week's attacks have said they dived to the floor and played dead in the hope that the terrorists wouldn't pay attention to them.

This was particularly the case at the Bataclan concert hall, where eyewitnesses said they hid among dead bodies to save themselves. Survivors of the terror attack on a Tunisian beach this summer have given similar accounts.


The guidance also warns businesses that all staff should be familiar with – and should be tested on – safety procedures.

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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