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21 People Who Are Totally Over This Election Already

It's not just you who's already bored of the election.

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1. This person who's created a more accurate election poster.

The only honest election poster in the UK.

3. This guy who tried to make a UKIP poster a bit more fun.

Bored with the election? Why not doctor your local UKIP candidate's poster, to make them sound sexually aggressive?


7. (And Coco's friend, who's also unimpressed by political stunts.)

So this is what my dog thinks of the UKIP campaign leaflet that arrived yesterday


9. This guy who tried to put election leaflets to good use – and failed.

Election pamphlets: too glossy for toilet paper and burn too quick for good kindling. Really are useless

(Although you could always use old leaflets to make origami animals.)

10. This man who has nefarious plans to harm you if you put a Labour leaflet through his door.

Look familiar? Oh another resident not happy with Labour’s "Leaflet of Lies" via @spectator


12. This baby who doesn't like Ross Kemp.

Ross Kemp in perfect political pose - with a baby supporting w@willscobie in Broadstairs, #Kent


17. The pollster who's a little bored of just asking questions about the elections.

I can't help but think YouGov is bored of asking questions about the election

19. This person who is fed up with emails from political parties, where subjects are limited to punctuation-only.


20. This journalist who is tired of hearing politicians say the exact same thing every day.

John Pienaar radio five live election bingo. All the cliches we are already sick of.

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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