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    People Are Charging As Much As $1,600 For "Frozen" Dresses

    I mean, I know the film's good and everything...

    This is Princess Elsa, the star from Disney's Frozen, and she wears a beautiful dress. Kids, inevitably and naturally, want to buy the dress.


    Unfortunately, due to demand, parents are struggling to find it in stores.

    And the official replica dress is sold out at the Disney Store.

    Some parents have flocked to forums and social media to find the dress in a bid to make their kids desperately happy.

    But it's pretty much sold out everywhere.

    This has started a bidding war on eBay.


    The dress above sold for £65 ($108) more than the original price.

    Some sellers are being particularly ambitious, with this one hoping that someone pays $1600 (£954) for the dress.


    And if you don't buy it from this seller, "YOU MAY NEVER FIND THIS AGAIN", the ominous description warns.


    Some internet-savvy designers have created handmade versions and are selling them at places such as Etsy. The one below is on sale for $46 (£28).

    Tootietots / Via

    But if parents are really struggling to find an affordable dress, there's always this rather sad looking version from Asda.

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