Some MPs Sent Out Eid Mubarak Cards And It All Got A Little Bit Awkward

Um thanks, that’s really kind of you to send me a card, but I’m not Muslim.

1. Eid Al-Fitr is a pretty big deal for Muslims. That’s probably why the prime minister released a special video message this week.

2. And also why Ed Miliband released his own video earlier this month. (And Nick Clegg sent one too.)

Labour Party

3. So it’s probably a smart idea of some MPs to send out Eid Mubarak (or happy Eid) cards to their constituents.

4. But then things started to get a little awkward. A misspelt surname here.

5. A mistaken religion there.

6. And concerns from some that they didn’t get more cards.

I got an Eid card frm Parliamentary candidate @Uma_Kumaran in Harrow East bt not frm sitting MP Blackman &he wants Eid as a public holiday?

— Peymana Assad ☮ (@Peymasad)

7. And then some were offended they weren’t also sent Christmas cards.

Hey Jack Straw MP, thanks for the Eid card. Strange, I didnt get a Christmas card from you. I will post it back to u

— ☠ Stephen Falken ☠ (@s_falken)

8. But hey, everyone had a good day, right?

For everyone celebrating today - Eid Mubarak! Have a safe & happy time. This is an #Eid card officers received today

— Ealing MPS (@EalingMPS)

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