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Ed Miliband Is Back And Giving People Odd Looks

Miliband is back.

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Remember how, during the election campaign, everyone started to really enjoy Ed Miliband and his various expressions and turns of phrase?

And the time he stared down the barrel of a camera, and someone set the video to Drake.

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You might have thought that following with Labour's defeat in the election – and Miliband's resignation as leader – people might have got bored of him. But they haven't.

He appeared in the House of Commons today for a debate about FIFA, but people were paying more attention to his expressions. And his sass was absolutely perfect.

"When someone waves at you and you're just being polite."

A Radio 4 journalist was the first to spot him during the debate, looking a bit confused.

Spotted @Ed_Miliband sitting on the backbenches for the FIFA Urgent Question

And people really noticed it.

Meanwhile some journalists also came to their own conclusions about why Miliband looked so distant.

Ed looks like he smoked a massive fucking spliff before deciding to walk back into the chamber.

Whatever he was doing before he walked into the chamber, one's thing for sure: He's back.

Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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