Meet Bryan Silva, The Kid Who Gained 400,000 Followers On Vine For Making Weird Gun Noises

    He's spent three years in prison, has an army of imitators, and has been the subject of a death hoax. This post contains NFSW and offensive language.

    Meet Bryan Silva, a 23-year-old Vine superstar who has nearly half a million followers. His catchphrase is a fake gun noise, "gratata".

    For some reason a lot of people really seem to love this "gratata" thing.

    Inspired by Silva, a bunch of people have incorporated the noise into their own videos. Like these guys:

    Silva considers himself a bodybuilder and an aspiring rapper. Which he might use to justify his offensive use of the n-word alongside a lot of sexually explicit language.

    He also might be a gay porn star.

    Bryan Silva / Via

    Silva was previously imprisoned for three years after being convicted for breaking and entering and attacking his school principal, he said in an interview with Complex magazine.

    He said that alongside hard work, he's famous because he also has a name that "literally gets stuck inside your head."

    He said: "My name, Bryan Silva, when you say it it’s one of those names that literally gets stuck inside your head to where you don’t forget it. On top of that, my body, my face, everything I do, my personality, how I put myself out there, all that. It all stands out to everyone else. What got me on WorldStar was my one flexing video."

    Silva recently appeared on the World Star Hip Hop website to address his haters. The video has been seen over 1 million times. "Haters make you famous," he told Complex.


    The satirical news website Huzlers reported last month that Silva had been murdered as punishment for his offensive language, which sparked a series of tweets using the hashtag #RIPBryanSilva.

    Sad bc no more gratata videos. #ripbryansilva

    my friend told me that bryan silva the gratata guy was shot and died and I started crying in the locker room


    But this was, of course, a hoax and he has posted on Vine many times since. Which means you can expect plenty more of this.