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Mansplainers Are Offended By Natalie Bennett’s Opposition To Mansplaining

Please come here while I mansplain.

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But apparently people aren't too happy with Bennett posing with the sign and have said that she's sexist. For example:

This is sexist bullshit and massively damaging to the credibility of the Green Party. Natalie Bennett continues to be a liability.

It was all sparked off in a Reddit thread where users were discussing the photo. Although soon enough they started criticising various Green party policies.

Someone who claims to have voted for the party in May said the photo would stop them voting Green again if Bennett was still in charge, saying:

I voted Green at the general election and I can honestly say I will not vote for them again if this is the kind of sexist garbage their leader thinks is acceptable.
Can you imagine the uproar if a male MP was holding a sign saying "No women in parliament" with a smug look on his face, even if it was obviously a joke? (Which this is, to be clear)

One user said the Greens are now "the most sexist political party in the UK":

The Greens really are now the most sexist political party in the UK. They only want men to go to prison, men appear to be completely sidelined in the party (despite them claiming to have equality when it comes to the leadership and deputy leader position).

Can you name a current Green Party figure who isn't female? When did you last see a male from the party sent to be their representative on TV or speaking at one of their press conferences?

Looking at Bennett's background we see she worked for the extremist feminist organisation the Fawcett Society and therefore it's no surprise she comes out with sexist rubbish such as this. No wonder so few males vote for the party.

Emphasis added.

Meanwhile, some people just used the photo to make sexist comments about women:

Some women find it extremely difficult to accept that they are thick as pig shit and direct their anger at all men, whereas men in a similar situation simply accept their fate and use google instead of fucking complaining.

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