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Location-Specific Filters On Snapchat Have Finally Come To London

London-based users of the app have 30 new filters available, but only in specific parts of the capital.

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Snapchat today launched a set of filters that only appear at specific locations in London.


What is a filter? Well, look at the bottom of these snaps. You have the option to add these graphics to your photos when you're in the right locations.

Location-specific filters have previously only been available in New York and Los Angeles.

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London-based users will have the choice of 30 new filters. Snapchat refused to name all the locations, insisting that it wants people to discover where the locations are for themselves.

How does it work? When you take a picture or video, swipe left or right to access the filter.

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If you are in the right location, the image should automatically appear. You need to ensure that your filters are switched on in the settings tab and that your location services on your iPhone or Android are on.