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Loads Of People Are Really Confused To Find Natalie Bennett Is Australian

Who knew the Green party leader comes from a land Down Under?

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The leader of the Green party, Natalie Bennett, kicked off the election debates this evening – and immediately people were baffled.


All of a sudden, they came to the realisation that Bennett is Australian.

#leadersdebate leader of the Green Party is Australian?

Is that an Australian accent I hear #leadersdebate

What accent does the Green lady have? Is that Australian? #confused #leadersdebate

Seriously, there were a lot of people who had no idea and were asking Twitter for an answer.

Is Natalie Bennet Australian?? #leadersdebate

wait is natalie bennett australian? wut #leadersdebate

Is the Green Party woman from Australia? #leadersdebate

#leadersdebate #greenparty poor speaker. And Australian?? Don't we have some kind of heritage requirements??

Not sure why some Australian is telling me what's wrong about my Country #leadersdebate

And with that, the TV debates had begun.

#leadersdebate so we open up with an Australian !!!! I thought I lived in the UK !!!

Why is an Australian debating in the UK leaders debate? #leadersdebate

Why are we having to listen to an Australian? #leadersdebate

I'm not voting for a fucking Australian #leadersdebate

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