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Ed Miliband Gave A Speech In A Back Garden And Stood Behind A Lectern

Free the lectern!

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On a visit to Cardiff on Tuesday morning, Ed Miliband addressed supporters in the back garden of Labour's local office. And people couldn't help noticing something.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire / Press Association Images

Even though the event was pretty small, he still insisted on bringing his lectern with him.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire / Press Association Images

Which looked pretty weird with a clothes line in the background.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire / Press Association Images

In fact, Miliband seems to be wheeling out a lectern to all his engagements.

Ed Miliband at a @UKLabour poster launch in Nuneaton.

And people aren't impressed.

Ed Miliband took a lot of stick over not using a lectern to look Prime Ministerial. Now he's using it too much I think. A man of extremes.

Is he physically – or emotionally – attached to it, some are asking.

Is Ed Miliband actually tied to his lectern? He now seems to have set it up in someone's back garden.

Others have asked whether he took it along for his interview with Russell Brand.

Now, this late night @Ed_Miliband @rustyrockets assignation. Did Ed take his own lectern or did Brand supply one he'd used earlier ?

David Cameron has now called for Miliband to "free that lectern".

David Cameron says he doesn't need lectern like Ed Miliband "free that lectern "

The ball's in your court, Ed.

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