Wild Leopard Bursts Through Roof, Bites A Man’s Bottom

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

1. A wild leopard caused mayhem in the streets of Maharashtra, in western India, when it clawed its way out of a roof before biting a man on his bottom.

2. The animal caused panic amongst the citizens in the area as they scrambled to get away from it.

3. But the leopard was scared off by the noise as well as a number of attempted attacks and jumped down from the rooftops.

4. Such scenes have become increasingly common due to deforestation in India. In February a leopard injured six people before it was caught in an empty wing of an army hospital.

5. The animal in Maharashtra eventually found refuge in a nearby bathroom, stopping only to peer outside at any more attackers.

6. It was eventually captured by India’s Forestry Department, who plan to release the animal back into the wild.

7. Watch the full video here:

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