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UKIP Candidate Suspended After Saying South Africa Is Being "Ethnically Cleansed" Of Europeans

The candidate also alluded to the actions of a number of Jewish campaigners, saying there is "a common thread that binds so-called atheist Marxists".

Jack Sen, UKIP's parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, has claimed that other governments have ignored "the ethnic cleansing" of people of European descent in South Africa.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jacksenukip

Sen made the remarks in an interview with the European Knights Project (EKP), which BuzzFeed News became aware of when it was republished here.

The EKP website said Sen, who describes himself on Twitter as "unapologetically politically incorrect", is a "bloody genius".

When asked in the interview whether the "white South African" was under attack, Sen said this group had become "an endangered species".

"It is being systemically hunted into extinction by a people we were told wanted to live in democratic harmony back in 1994," the UKIP candidate said.

"Remember the Rainbow Nation propaganda campaign? Hard to reach that lofty ideal when people are being gunned down for sport from Joburg [Johannesburg] to Capetown. It's still hunting season from what I can see."

Sen added that the international community has "[ignored] the ethnic cleansing of the South African of European origin".

Sen also accused left-wingers of having double standards when deciding who was a victim. He also said the West was "controlled by leftists that can trace their roots back to eastern bloc nations".

When pushed to define what he meant by "eastern bloc people", he said:

There's a common thread that binds so-called atheist Marxists like Joe Slovo, Nadine Gordimer, and Ed Milliband.

Your audience will have to decide what that is. There are too many commonalities to go over in a 10-minute phone call. Let's leave that for another day.

Slovo was a member of the African National Congress and a fervent opponent of the apartheid regime in South Africa. He was given a senior position in Nelson Mandela's government.

Like the Milibands, Slovo – a South African anti-apartheid activist – came from a Jewish background, as did Gordimer, a South African author.

Sen was then asked why "people like Joe Slovo emigrate to my homeland just to destroy us from within".

The UKIP candidate responded by immediately accusing Miliband's father, Ralph, of trying to "destroy" Britain.

He said: "One has to always recall who facilitated genocidal conditions in southern Africa. It's the same Marxist evil that infiltrated Czarist Russia and annihilated hundreds of millions of Christian and Muslim Russians."

The publication also asked the UKIP candidate who was "responsible for 'genocide'" Sen said: "In a historical sense, it's people like Karl Marx, Joe Slovo, Nadine Gordimer; in Sweden and Western Europe it is women like Barbara Spectre [the founder of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden].

"We can't give a free pass to the useful idiots these fiends originally championed either."

Referring to the decision to remove a statute of the British colonialist Cecil Rhodes from Cape Town, Sen complained about the treatment given to the "terrorist" Nelson Mandela in the UK.

"Still, can you imagine our suggesting removing the Mandela statue in London due to the fact he was in fact a convicted mass murder [sic] and terrorist?"

A UKIP spokesperson distanced Sen from the party and told BuzzFeed News he had been suspended by it.

He said: "Jack Sen, a UKIP candidate, has expressed views that in no way reflect the views of the party and any other of our hard-working dedicated candidates. In the light of these and other comments, Mr Sen has been suspended from UKIP with immediate effect."

This article was updated to reflect the fact that the interview originally appeared on the EKP website.