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Iain Duncan Smith Did An Absurdly Passionate Celebration At George Osborne's Budget Speech

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At the end of the budget speech on Wednesday, George Osborne announced there would be a new "national living wage". One man absolutely bloody loved it:

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The announcement was that the government will create a new "living wage" of £7.20 an hour from April next year for over-25s that will increase steadily to reach £9 an hour by 2020.

But, more importantly, IDS's incredible reaction to it stole the show and instantly became a meme.

I feel I've let @JamieRoss7 down, I've let Scotland down but worst of all I've let myself down #budget2015

Jurassic Park!

"What do you mean politicians all look the same?"

"What do you mean politicians all look the same?" #budget2015

People noticed he looked...familiar.

RT @kerihw: Iain Duncan Smith looks delighted at the introduction of a living wage.

It's kickstarted his acting career too.

So there you have it – the moment from the budget you'll actually remember.


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