Here’s What It’s Like To Take Classes At Hogwarts

Well, kind of.

1. Fans of the Harry Potter series can sign up to a fan-made online course, Hogwarts is Here, that allows anyone to be a student at Hogwarts.

2. It’s pretty easy to do! First you can generate your own acceptance letter.

Sadly, it’s not delivered by an owl.

3. Then you open a bank account with Gringotts, for textbooks and stuff.

4. It’s unbelievably satisfying to immediately have 101 Galleons waiting for you.

5. Which you can use to pick up your own copies of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, among other goodies.

Hogwarts Is Here

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6. Once you’re done at Diagon Alley, you have to be sorted. Unfortunately, the Sorting Hat doesn’t choose your house so you have to pick one yourself.

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But you can take this BuzzFeed quiz to help you out.

7. Next, you get a dorm, which you can either get randomly or you can choose to join one if your friends are also enrolled.

8. Hogwarts Is Here takes things pretty seriously. Each course lasts nine weeks and you have to complete tests and a final exam in order to pass.

9. But it’s not all books and homework. In mid-April you can apply to join the school paper, the Daily Owl.

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10. Anyway, the first class I enrolled in? Defense Against the Dark Arts. Naturally.

The class has over 8,000 people in it so it is broken into groups of 100.

11. Upon enrolling you are able to access your syllabus:

Week 9 is your exam. Urgh.

14. The first assignment is an introductory essay for the professor to see how much you know about the Dark Arts and what you’d like to learn.

15. But you can’t start your next assignment until you finish your first. And so on and so forth. So make sure to do your work in a timely manner! If not…

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16. BRB doing some Hogwarts homework!

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