8 Times Nigel Farage Said He Would Not Remain Party Leader If He Lost His Seat

    UKIP's Nigel Farage is back as party leader after the executive committee rejected his resignation. But previously he's said it wouldn't be "credible" for him to lead the party if he wasn't an MP.

    Nigel Farage is set to remain as UKIP's leader after the party's executive committee rejected his resignation and persuaded him to withdraw it.

    But Farage has said on multiple occasions that he would step down as leader if he failed to win in South Thanet. Such as:

    1. When he told The Telegraph he would not "do a Salmond" and quit before coming back again as party leader.

    2. When he wrote in his book that "it is curtains for me" if he failed to win in South Thanet.

    3. When The Guardian ran this story.

    4. When he was asked on election night whether he would "honour his pledge to quit" and asked the journalist whether they were calling him a "liar".

    Me to Nigel Farage: "Are you going to resign if you lose South Thanet?" Farage: "Are you calling me a liar? I have never broken my word yet"

    5. When he said he'd be "gone within 10 minutes" if he lost.

    And here was Farage on one of many occasions saying he'd resign in ten mins ... He did ... And now he's back:

    6. When he produced this headline.

    7. This headline.

    8. And this headline.