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    Farage Defends Saying That Women Should Be Paid Less Than Men

    "A woman who has a client base, has a child, and takes two or three years off, is worth far less to her employer," Farage said.

    During a speech yesterday, Ed Miliband accused UKIP leader Nigel Farage of saying "working mothers aren't worth as much as men".

    And so Farage decided to defend his record by being interviewed by Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman.

    Channel 4 News

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    She brought up something Farage has said in the past: "A woman who has a client base, has a child and takes two or three years off is worth far less to her employer."

    Farage can be heard saying, "No, I didn't," and shaking his head, although Newman quoted the exact words he used in a speech in the city in January.

    Then Newman asked Farage if she was worth less to her employer after taking time off after giving birth. At which point Farage said men struggle after a two-week holiday.

    To make matters worse, Farage tried to get out of his corner by belittling Newman.

    Channel 4 News

    And people immediately came to Newman's defence, attacking Farage's "patronising" style.

    Think @cathynewman managed to show @Nigel_Farage for the misogynistic idiot that he is. His response? To be patronising. Point proven Cathy

    @cathynewman @chunkymark @Nigel_Farage He's a typical misogynist, Cathy.

    And loads of people responded to Farage, telling him that, well, he just got "owned".

    Hello Nigel #Farage, if you are looking for your knackers, Cathy Newman just chewed them and spit them out on the channel 4 news floor.

    Watching Cathy Newman OWNING that twat Farage on #channel4news earlier really cheered me up. never seen him flustered & spluttering before

    A joy to watch Cathy Newman taking Farage to task about his proclamations and ever-changing excuse for UKIP policy. Thanks Cathy

    #c4news Cathy Newman just destroyed Farage. He burbled and blustered, Cameron-style. Feeble. Great work, Cathy.