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Facebook Just Deleted Every University's 'Rate Your Shag' Page

A new trend started across UK universities, asking students to rate their sexual partners. A day or so later, Facebook has taken them all down.

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Early yesterday, a swarm of Facebook 'Rate Your Shag' pages were created across various universities, with one of the earliest appearing for Newcastle University students.


Unsurprisingly, a number of people were offended.

Via Facebook: warwickantisexismsociety

An intern currently at Facebook said that people needed to report the page for action to be taken, and students started doing this in their masses.

However, another Warwick student, who wished to remain anonymous, told us he thought the pages should have been left up.

"The removal of 'Rate My Shag' from Facebook is completely unjustified. It requires the removal of individual's rights to freedom of speech."

The issue of censorship on Facebook - especially as it relates to misogyny and sexually explicit language - is a hot one right now. The company has been forced to respond to the #FBRape campaign, which has been petitioning brands to put pressure on Facebook to remove images promoting rape and sexual assault.


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