"Ed Miliband's Too Good For This F*cking Country," Declares Miliband Fan On The BBC

    He then looked a bit sheepish when he had to apologise.

    The BBC's Daily Politics decided to discuss Ed Miliband's reappearance in parliament this week and invited two Miliband fans on to the show.

    Alongside Abby Tomlinson, who led the Milifandom movement, which tried to change the perceived image of the former Labour leader, the show also invited Richard Biggs, who launched the @cooledmiliband fan account.

    But it went a bit wrong when Biggs said "Ed Miliband's too good for this fucking country" live on air.


    Even though he apologised – "I'd like to apologise, it was very bad of me" – Biggs couldn't stop himself from smirking.


    You can watch the full clip here:

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