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People Absolutely Love This Interview About Ed Miliband's Ordinary Life

"I think I fancy Ed Miliband a bit, what sorcery is this," one person said after watching the video.

People love this interview by Ed Miliband, which gave him the opportunity to discuss his ordinary life, from his music tastes to whether or not he has a Blue Peter badge.

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The Absolute Radio interview wasn't big on policy but people said that with just weeks to go before the election, they were able to see another – less geeky – side to the Labour party leader.

The interview showed "the real Ed", according to his supporters.

Kudos to @GeoffLloyd for conducting engaging interview with @Ed_Miliband. You succeeded where so many have failed by showing the real Ed.

Great interview with Ed Miliband on Absolute Radio. Came across superbly. Big fan of Geoffrey Boycott too.

And his decision, when he was asked what song the radio station should play, to choose "Pompeii" by Bastille was a definite talking point.

I can't believe that Ed Miliband talked about Bastille in the Absolute interview.. 😂☺️

just watched a radio interview in which ed miliband asked them to play Bastille and panickedly asked if that was bad when the DJ laughed

People immediately thought it was because he had been briefed beforehand.

But he casually said it was because he'd been invited to a concert by Ellie Goulding.

"The only reason I know it is ... Ellie Goulding, she invited me to a concert that she was doing, a homeless benefit, in December, and obviously she's great and I love her, but there was also this band called Bastille who was there, which I confess I hadn't heard of..."

Ed miliband's interview with Absolute Radio was top. Couldn't believe he chose Bastille over Catfish though.

And Miliband managed to turn the tables on David Cameron during the interview, too.
Absolute Radio

Which people enjoyed.

Genuinely just belly laughed listening to Ed Miliband's slap down of macho curry eating.

And people mostly loved the interview.

Well I watched this interview and now I think I fancy Ed Miliband a bit, what sorcery is this?

Holy hell. He's normal. Good work, @absoluteradio.

Which means we'll probably be seeing him on breakfast sofas many, many times before voting day.

If Ed Miliband came across as he did in his Absolute Radio interview yesterday in all his others this campaign he'd be a v happy chap.