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Ed Miliband Gave His First Speech After The Election And It Was Lovely

In the House of Commons, the former leader recounted an amusing anecdote of a moment with his son.

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Ed Miliband has given his first speech in the House of Commons since Labour's defeat in the general election in a speech that focused on inequality.

Miliband appeared to be in good spirits and said he was now able to spend more time with his children. He also shared a lovely, if endearing, anecdote from a moment with his son. Watch it here:

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Here's the transcript from the extract above:

I confess that my eldest who just turned six brought me down to earth last week.

He suddenly turned to me out of the blue and said, 'Dad, if there is a fire in our house I think we will be OK'. I said, 'Why is that Daniel?'

He said, 'Because if we ring the fire brigade, they will recognise your name because you used to be famous'".

'Thanks very much', I said.

A large number of people on Twitter agreed that it was a thoughtful and insightful speech and many said it was brave of Miliband to return to parliament so soon after the election.

So good to hear Ed Miliband speaking again in parliament. Funny, clear & insightful speech. #milifandom 👊🏻


Ed Miliband making generous, self-deprecating, thoughtful & unrepentant speech, saying inequality challenges Tory one nation pitch

Miliband also used his speech to focus on inequality.

He said that there were increasing inequality in the UK and warned the government that Labour would hold the Conservatives to account.

Miliband also stressed that while he welcomed David Cameron's rhetoric about "one nation", he would have to find a way to balance upcoming welfare cuts of £12 billion with the dramatic rise in the use of food banks.

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