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David Cameron Spent Easter Sunday Nuzzling A Lamb

The new Conservative party slogan: Long term economic lamb.

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In perhaps the most bizarre stunt of the election campaign so far, David Cameron has been filmed feeding a lamb on Easter Sunday.

Leon Neal / WPA Pool / Getty Images

After visiting church with his wife Samantha, Cameron went to Dean Lane Farm in his Witney constituency to feel an orphaned lamb.

At first Cameron missed the lamb's mouth.

But he got there eventually.

Sky News

And people were a bit confused about why there were pictures of the prime minister feeding a lamb in their Twitter timelines.

Why are there pictures of David Cameron feeding a lamb all over Twitter like I am really disturbed right now


Is that... wait.... is that David Cameron.... feeding a lamb?

My heart just melted 1000 times seeing Cameron hug a lamb. If it makes him go vegan I'm defecting* *no im not


But some people still managed to find a reason to hate on Cameron.

Sky News reporting that David Cameron was being "intimate" with a lamb

"The offering pleases me. You have done well. Now leave me, for I must feast; no mortal eye can witness such horror."

Perhaps not such a vote-winning photoshoot after all.

MT Shame he doesn't care about feeding poor people this much @SophyRidgeSky pics of David Cameron feeding a lamb "


MT OK, tone it down Cameron "@AFPphoto: ...David Cameron feeds a lamb on Dean Lane farm. By @tabascokid #AFP "

And very quickly, people had a new favourite slogan: Long term economic lamb.

@AmberSkyNews @mattholehouse If @CCHQPress doesn't adopt the poor wee thing and name it Long Term Economic Lamb then they have no soul.

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