Conservative MP Tweets About Punching Female Journalist In Her Throat

The MP for Lichfield Michael Fabricant tweeted the threat on Friday morning.

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The Conservative MP for Lichfield said today that he might end up “punching [female journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown] in her throat.”

Michael Fabricant’s message, posted on Twitter, comes following the Daily Mail columnist’s appearance on Channel 4 News on Thursday evening, in which Alibhai-Brown appeared alongside associate editor of the Spectator.

The two had a discussion about British values and Alibhai-Brown freely expressed her opinions on Liddle. Initially Alibhai-Brown said Liddle tried to be “reasonable and not to be bigoted but the bigotry just bursts out of him”.

She then followed up with a more damning conclusion on Liddle, saying: “I’m clearly honest that I loathe you. I have no words to express how much I loathe you.

“And in that I feel quite proud that I’m able to tell you that and we don’t kill each other.”

5. Watch Rod Liddle debating with Alibhai-Brown below:

Channel 4 News / Via

6. Fabricant, former party whip, has been criticised by a number of users on Twitter.

.@Mike_Fabricant @y_alibhai An MP airing violence against women is unwise, ill-judged and in my view wrong.

— Eoin Clarke (@DrEoinCl)

@Mike_Fabricant @y_alibhai Totally unacceptable tweet. I think you should retract that statement and apologise.

— Christine Hill (@drchristinehill)

Wow! Is this an elected official publicly threatening to hit a woman? @DrEoinCl @Mike_Fabricant @y_alibhai

— Gary Raymond (@GaryRaymond_)

@Mike_Fabricant stay classy, Mike. What is it about clever, prominent and outspoken women that so scares the @Conservatives?

— Tom Sadler (@tsadler2)

10. Update: Fabricant has now apologised for his earlier comments.

Just out of dentist. 1 It appears that some people who don't know me think I actually go round punching "in the throat". Not true.

— Michael Fabricant (@Mike_Fabricant)

2. If anyone believes I would seriously threaten someone with violence, I of course withdraw and apologise

— Michael Fabricant (@Mike_Fabricant)

.Sorry @y_alibhai if you actually thought I would punch you. I actually don't do that sort of thing. But you are utterly infuriating! xx

— Michael Fabricant (@Mike_Fabricant)

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