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Can You Help This Tibetan Monk Find His Laptop, Stolen After He Took A Selfie With Boris?

Lelung Rinpoche got so caught up in talking to the Mayor of London that he forgot his bag when rushing off the Tube.

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Rinpoche, who was with his son at the time, got into a deep conversation with the Mayor of London before rushing off the train when he got to his stop.


He only realised he forgot his bag, which held his laptop – including a 900-page history of Buddhism – when he got home. Although he managed to retrieve the rest of his belongings, including his camera and his son's passport, the laptop was gone.

“Some of the work has taken months and months, and have been taken from different books,” he said.


“The laptop had two book’s worth of material, around 900 pages that I had collected from around the world.

“I had visited libraries in countries like Mongolia to try to find any pages they have."

Rinpoche is also director of Lelung Dharma Trust, which was previously featured in BBC documentary Buddha of Suburbia.


He added that his book was almost at a stage where it could be published.

Did you see anything? The Trust is offering a £500 reward – call 0208 868 0655 if you have any information.