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Everything Just Dandy As Charles And Camilla Appear In Beano

Prince Charles laughs off handshake snub from Dennis the Menace.

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This morning's edition of Beano is distinctly not the typical issue, with the heir to the throne making a special cameo appearance. In the issue itself, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, make a special visit to the Bash Street School. In the first cartoon, Camilla enthralls the children as the opens their new library, with Dennis the Menace even saying: "Reading is fun for everyone, Menaces." In another cartoon strip, Charles appears in the school's cafeteria, where he convinces the students to grow their own organic vegetables.


Yesterday, they visited the publisher of the cartoon, DC Thomson, in Dundee, to open their new printing press. During their visit, they had a chance to see an exhibition that took them through the archives of the publishing firm.

They were also presented with a framed copy of the issue in which they appear. The themes are said to have been chosen based on the interests of the royal couple.

The couple were also given a framed copy of the Evening Telegraph's front page.

Dennis the Menace was explicitly not on his best behaviour as he snubbed a handshake from the heir to the throne.