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    Jun 12, 2013

    Everything Just Dandy As Charles And Camilla Appear In Beano

    Prince Charles laughs off handshake snub from Dennis the Menace.

    Steve MacDougall / PA PHOTOS / LANDOV

    This morning's edition of Beano is distinctly not the typical issue, with the heir to the throne making a special cameo appearance. In the issue itself, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, make a special visit to the Bash Street School. In the first cartoon, Camilla enthralls the children as the opens their new library, with Dennis the Menace even saying: "Reading is fun for everyone, Menaces." In another cartoon strip, Charles appears in the school's cafeteria, where he convinces the students to grow their own organic vegetables.

    Steve MacDougall / PA PHOTOS / LANDOV

    Yesterday, they visited the publisher of the cartoon, DC Thomson, in Dundee, to open their new printing press. During their visit, they had a chance to see an exhibition that took them through the archives of the publishing firm.

    Steve MacDougall / PA PHOTOS / LANDOV

    They were also presented with a framed copy of the issue in which they appear. The themes are said to have been chosen based on the interests of the royal couple.

    Steve MacDougall / PA PHOTOS / LANDOV

    The couple were also given a framed copy of the Evening Telegraph's front page.

    Dennis the Menace was explicitly not on his best behaviour as he snubbed a handshake from the heir to the throne.

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