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MPs Spent The Morning Running Around A Park Flipping Pancakes

Every Shrove Tuesday, MPs, lords, and journalists get together and race around Westminster, flipping pancakes for charity. This year, the journalists won.

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And they have to flip pancakes as they're running.

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If the pancakes fall on the floor as they're running, they have to dust it off, put it back on the saucepan, and carry on running.

This year there were six politicians involved: Sir David Amess, Nick de Bois, David Burrowes, Stephen Pound, Lord Resendale, and Andrew Rosindell.

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And the six journalists they were up against?

Robbie Gibb, editor of BBC's Daily Politics; Sam Macrory, political producer at the BBC; Nigel Nelson, political columnist at the Sunday People; Sophy Ridge, the captain and political correspondent at Sky News; Patrick Wintour, political editor at The Guardian, and Ben Wright, a BBC political correspondent.

Awkwardly, there was a near-accident seconds after the race began as an MP ran into a woman standing on the sidelines.

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And there was a fair bit of pushing and shoving between the two teams.

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But the MPs weren't impressed. Sir David Amess, the Conservative MP for Southend West, brushed the loss aside. He said: "I don't like pancakes and I'm happy to lose to a bunch of tossers."

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"But," he added, "I'm happy to help the charity, which is the main purpose of the day."

Steven Pound, the Labour MP for Ealing North, said the MPs lost because there was only one Labour MP on the team and four Tory MPs.

"Labour loses today but we win in May," Pound told BuzzFeed News. "We were hoping to chuck them [the journalists] into the river.

"But if you look at the team, there were four Tories in my team and I was the only Labour one ... Had it been a full Labour team we would have certainly triumphed."

But Rosindell argued instead that the fact that more Tory MPs were involved "shows there's more Conservatives out working hard for a good cause".

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And he blamed the loss on "foul play by the media. I was ahead and was pushed out the way."

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