Boris Johnson Finally Confirms He Wants To Stand As An MP At The Next Election

But he also wants to complete his term as mayor of London until 2016.

1. After months of speculation, mayor of London Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday morning that he wants to return as an MP in the next general election.

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The former Spectator editor made the announcement in an address at Bloomberg in east London, where he was expected to focus on an “alternative future” if Britain left Europe.

But the message about EU negotiations is likely to get less attention than the announcement that he is seeking re-elections in the next parliamentary elections, to take place next summer.

Johnson said: “In all probability I will try to find somewhere to stand in 2015.”

He added, however, that he would look to serve out his remaining term as mayor until 2016, noting that “it may all go wrong but the likelihood is I will have to give it a crack”.

Although many were expecting the mayor to stand at the next election, he has denied this many times. As recently as March, Johnson said he would not seek to be elected in 2015.

He also told the Evening Standard in 2012 that he would seek to serve out his term “in full”, adding that the duties as mayor “cannot be combined with any other political capacity”.

2. You can watch the full video of his announcement here:

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3. The prime minister, currently on holiday in Portugal, has come out in support of Johnson’s announcement.

4. The internet was quick to respond, with many expressing mock surprise at the announcement.

6. Johnson said he doesn’t yet know where he will stand. “I haven’t got any particular seat lined up,” he said.

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