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Alex Jones Appears On BBC, Is Told To Shut Up

"We have an idiot on the show."

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The infamous radio host Alex Jones appeared as a guest on the BBC Sunday Politics show on 10 June to talk about the Bilberberg Conference and it proves to make way for the more interesting show recorded to date. Jones declared the introduction of the euro as a Nazi German plan, encouraged by the Bilberberg Group, and consistently spoke over his fellow panellist, journalist David Aaronovitch.

Andrew Neil, host of the show, told him to "shut up" a number of times but the message did not stick. Eventually, Neil called Jones the "worst person I've ever interviewed" before making gestures to suggest that Jones was insane. As Neil attempted to move on to the next segment of the show, Jones continued to shout in the background.

Here's Neil's reaction, again and again.

Indeed, this is not the first time that Jones has caused a stirred on television.

Earlier this year, he appeared on Piers Morgan's CNN show where they debated gun control in the USA. Jones notably referred to gun control as a government idea to control the population.

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