A Surprisingly Large Number Of People Think David Moyes Is Doing A Good Job At Manchester United

Unlike previous times Manchester United have lost, #moyesout is very much not trending.

1. Manchester United were knocked out of the Champions League on Wednesday night after losing 4-2 on aggregate against Bayern Munich in the quarter final of the European tournament.


Munich are often labelled the best team in Europe and United’s performances this season have fallen short of expectations after years of championship glory under former manager Alex Ferguson.

2. But instead of attacking David Moyes, who was appointed at the end of last season, a number of Twitter users have come out in support of the manager.

David Moyes was loved when we were winning, tactically spot on, now the haters are out again, jog on. #InMoyesWeTrust.

— Zeeshan Masih (@ZeeshanMasih01)

Exit with dignity still in tact, we will be back! Rooney clearly injured and shouldn't of played, Moyes' only mistake #InMoyesWeTrust

— Patrick Simpson (@paddysimpson)

We took the game to Bayern and did as well as we could. Take heart lads. United will rise again because WE WILL NEVER DIE. #inMoyesweTrust

— (@Marchishio)

I think UKIP should give David Moyes a job seeing as he's an expert in getting out of Europe! In all seriousness, 2 pretty good performances

— Nicholas Smith (@NicktheHornet)

10. But there were one or two Manchester United fans who weren’t too impressed.

David Moyes can get his ass out of Man United. I am done here. He's a fool, he's a waste of space, and he deserves nothing from this club!

— Nigel Schmittendorf (@DONKEY_1250)

Im getting sick of pundits defending David Moyes . Hes so out of depth its not even funny #MUFC

— Oli Copping (@oliveracopping)

13. #Moyesout is still not trending on Twitter. Perhaps United fans have conceded that they were always likely to lose against the likes of Bayern Munich.

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