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A Magazine Asked If These Women Were Attractive Enough To Be Political Leaders

Politicians were quick to criticise The Spectator for publishing the piece, by columnist Charles Moore.

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The Spectator magazine has been criticised after it published an article asking whether Labour's female leadership candidates are attractive enough to be leader of the party.

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Charles Moore wrote that Liz Kendall "looks like a nice person" while "there is something quite appealing" about Yvette Cooper.

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Kendall was quick to come out against the article:

Good grief ....

In a follow-up tweet, she suggested the article felt more relevant to the 1950s than to 2015.

Deputy leadership candidate Stella Creasy was also outraged.

Help- I appear to have time travelled back to the Victorian era! Surely only way to explain this article?! #ffs

Labour's spokesperson on culture, media, and sport denounced the piece as sexist.

Staggered that ostensibly intelligent man could write vacuous sexist garbage by Charles Moore @spectator on @YvetteForLabour @leicesterliz

As did many others.

I can't believe even the most committed sexist would think it was worth farting out this utter guff

So spectacularly sexist (with a side of homophobia) I'm wondering if it is some kind of deliberate social experiment?

Well this is disappointing, sexist rubbish. Women leaders don't require "a look" they require respect:

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister, wondered aloud whether the article was a spoof.

Tell me this is some kind of bad spoof - Have Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall got the looks for a leadership contest?

Meanwhile the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, told The Spectator to "GET IN THE SEA".

D'you know, I'm going to have to go as far as telling the Speccy to GET IN THE SEA for this tripe...

What the actual.....? Really, @spectator ? This is really the sort of stuff you want to still be publishing in 2015?

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