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A Heckler Just Told Ed Miliband That His Brother Should Lead The Labour Party

Poor Ed.

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Labour leader Ed Miliband faced an awkward moment on the campaign trail on Thursday when a heckler said his brother, David, should be in charge of the party.

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In an audio clip recorded by a BBC reporter, the audience member says "you won't fight our corner" when it came to Britain's role in Europe.

The Miliband brothers fought a bitterly-contested battle for the Labour leadership four years ago. Many have suggested that Labour would have a better chance of winning the election in May if David, the older brother, was leader.

Miliband was in Plymouth today for his weekly People's Question Time, where party members have the chance to question the leader, when he was heckled by an audience member.

The heckler said that Britain wasn't getting a fair deal by being in Europe and it should leave.

But the party's shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander today defended the party's position on staying in Europe. He said:

"Britain leaving Europe would present the biggest threat to British national prosperity in a generation. Every nod and wink to those who want to leave sends a message to potential investors in our country that Britain is not open for business.

"As Labour we understand that Europe is both a strategic, as well as an economic asset for Britain."

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