14 Creepy Pictures Of An Abandoned Ski Resort That Looks Like "The Shining" Hotel

    I want to go here never.

    1. Remember the scenes of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining?

    2. This is kind of like that – except this is real life.

    3. The Bislingen mountain lodge in Norway was once a popular destination for skiers in the 1970s but it was abandoned six years ago.

    4. Now, ice forces its way through smashed windows and snow piles up against the exterior wall.

    5. The ski lodge is being reclaimed by its frozen surroundings.


    7. Photographer Svein Nordrum, 54, had to brave minus seven degrees celsius after climbing the mountain.

    The lodge was full of icy and full of snow. I really had to watch my step. It is quite a strange place and bitterly cold as well.


    9. "What’s left is a very strange empty building," according to the photographer.

    10. The mountain seems to be taking it over. The whole place is slowly filling up with snow.”

    11. The lodge in Norway used to house a small café but it closed in 2008.

    12. Now there are plans to convert the lodge into a 40m-high hotel but not everyone is happy.

    13. Mr Nordrum said: “There are mixed feeling about the redevelopment - some think it will spoil the landscape."

    14. "I think it would be good to make this beautiful place a popular retreat again," he added.