10 People Reported Dead In Floods In Tanzania

At least five children have died and many homes have been destroyed.

1. Flooding in Tanzania has claimed the lives of ten people, including at least five children, local publication Daily News reports.

Murtaza Bhaloo

This picture was taken by a passenger flying over part of the region.

2. Rain has besieged areas of Dar es Salaam, the country’s richest area, for two days.

3. The flooding has caused devastation to infrastructure across the city and many homes have been entirely destroyed.

4. The Tanzania Meteorological Agency warned residents in coastal areas to vacate the area before the weekend in anticipation of the floods. This comes after Dar es Salaam also suffered from heavy rain towards the end of last month.

5. Daniel Hayduk, a photographer based in Dar es Salaam, told BuzzFeed the situation could have been much worse if rain had continued today.

DANIEL HAYDUK/AFP / Getty Images/Newscom

“The rain held off today. A major concern was that if it had kept raining today, water levels would have risen,” Hayduk said.

“I was looking at an area yesterday, Jangwani, where the water was up to the rooftops. There’s a lot of history in that area with regards to flooding but today the water had dropped a good 4ft [1.2m] since last night.”

6. Hayduk talked about the support for victims, both in person and on Twitter.

DANIEL HAYDUK/AFP / Getty Images/Newscom

“People knew the rain was coming, there was no surprise, it might have caught people off guard. Most people were able to get out alright,” he said.

While a task force yesterday focussed on rescue missions, today’s efforts have been focused on recovery.

“It seems to me that a lot of people have been able to find shelter with friends in higher ground. People have been stoic in moving out of the area,” Hayduk added.

“I will say that it’s in times like this, judging by the online reaction, the #darfloods hashtag on Twitter, for example, there is a lot of support going out to flood victims and there’s a lot of concern.”

The Tanzanian government could not be reached for comment.

My heart goes out to all those affected by #DarFloods

— Stephen Mhando (@StephenMhando)

Praying for the victims of #DarFloods and for all rescue & relief efforts

— Aikande Kwayu (@aikande)

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